Increased Teaching & Learning Standards

Improved Teaching & Learning Standards for UCC

Improved Teaching & Learning Standards for UCC

We, the students of UCC, are here first and foremost to get a good education.

Increasing class sizes, less tutorials, shrinking supports and poor lecturing all threatens the prospect of a good education. We need to work with the University Vice-President for Teaching and Learning to improve lecturing standards by properly monitoring lecturers and their ability to teach.

Having had some amazing lecturers in the UCC Economics Dept (and some awful ones too)  – I know how University Lecturers can improve the quality of teaching and learning they provide by engaging with the courses available.

If elected Deputy President I will want to see mandatory teaching qualifications for all new lecturers and a plan to ensure all existing lecturers are qualified to teach.



Budget Cuts & Wasteful Spending in UCC

UCC - like every other public service - is bloated and needs to be rationalised without affecting academic supports and student services

UCC - like every other public service - is bloated and needs to be rationalised without affecting academic supports and student services

The downturn is hitting the University hard.

The Government is cutting our funding and support for third level generally.

This is an opportunity for us to re-think how UCC is managed.

Over the the last ten years, inefficiencies have developed in ever corner of UCC. We need to trim the fat of UCC’s mountain of bureaucracy and waste.

We need to make sure the University doesn’t take the easy way out and cut student services, the library and vital student resources.
We will need to work with student services to fight this.

Staff can only do so much to defend the cuts, after all the University is their employer – as students we are much more free to fight the hard fight and say what needs to be said. I promise to speak up and make sure these cuts are avoided and provide alternative areas for trimming.
Two examples of UCC’s bizarre priorities are its huge budgets for its Media Office, as well as its Gallery.
These are areas which I want to immediately look at for savings.

But we do need to work with the University not against them or we risk being frozen out of decision-making.

As the recession deepens more and more students will need extra help to survive, we need to make sure that UCC is ready for this.

As Deputy President I want to press the University to cut wasteful spending and become more efficient.
UCC needs to do more with less, before it is too late.


The Manifesto


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Also – I’m gonna be updating the site every day with a different topic, just to keep things interesting and to show you what the information flow would be like if I get elected.

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Vote iPower for UCCSU Deputy President…

Vote iPower for UCC SU Deputy President 09/10

Vote iPower for UCC SU Deputy President 09/10

The first poster of the campaign…

Campaign Poster One

Campaign Poster One

Hey Folks!!

Just thought I’d post up one of the first posters that will be released during the campaign.

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