A short and shiney PDF version can be found here

I’ll also be publishing in-depth manifesto blog posts here for the duration of the campaign.


  • A new UCC Students Union Website.
  • Immediate transition to Gmail for Class Reps.
  • Lobbying Computer Centre for Gmail for all.
  • Revitalisation of Cork Campus Radio.
  • Increased Environmental Awareness.
  • Wider Student Consulation on big decisions.
  • A new UCC SU Mag keeping you up to date.
  • Well-designed Clear and Concise Posters.
  • Improved & Increased Student Publications.
  • Digital Notice Boards on Campus.
  • More Effective on Campus Campaigns.
  • Staunch Defence of Student Services Budgets.
  • Grant Notifications by Email/Text.
  • Lobbying for Increased Lecturer Acountability.
  • An improved fun filled RAG Week.
  • A revitalised Student Centre.
  • Higher levels ofWork Placement.
  • Increased spaces on popularMasters Programmes.
  • Improved Library Opening Hours.
  • A fair system for Printing Fees.
  • A UCC CommunityWide Festival in April 2010.
  • Increased promotion of UnionWork in Brookfield.
  • More Research Space for Postgrads.
  • Increased Teaching & Learning Budgets.
  • Increased Blackboard use among Lecturers.
  • A Sexual Health Clinic in UCC.
  • Increased Public Health Awareness.
  • More Student Space like the new Common Room.

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